Service Policy Advantages

Cherish all the needs of customers and respond in time

Full value chain advantage

Optimize the supply chain/industry chain to make products and services more valuable

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    Expensive is better, but fit is more important

    Haiwei deeply understands customer needs and actual use, selects suitable products, and provides customized services to help customers save costs and create greater benefits.

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    17 years of industry advantage, achieving the king of cost performance

    Haiwei laser welding equipment is sold directly by the factory, with 17 years of resource advantage, The same performance and quality are more favorable, fully benefiting customers, and win-win development.

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    Integrated research, production and sales, easy to maintain and guaranteed

    The hardware and software of Haiwei laser welding equipment are completed by ourselves, and any problems that customers have can be solved in time, repair, replacement of parts and even upgrades are more convenient and reliable.

Technology R&D Advantages

The two-pronged approach of hardware and software helps customers to leap forward in the industry

23Patent/software copyright
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    Mechanical design

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    Software programming

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    Electrical automation

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    Parts processing

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    Assemble and debug

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    After-sale technical support

Product control advantage

Multiple quality certifications, strong capacity delivery

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