Talking about laser cladding

2020/06/05 Editor: Haiwei 1562

Laser cladding machine process: According to the supply method of the material to be melted, the laser cladding machine can be roughly divided into two categories, namely, preset laser cladding and synchronous laser cladding. The preset laser cladding machine is to place the cladding material on the surface of the substrate in the laser cladding machine part, and then use the laser beam to irradiate and scan the melting. The cladding material is added in the form of powder, wire, and plate, and the powder The form of is more commonly used.

The main I process of laser cladding machine is: substrate cladding surface pretreatment-pre-set cladding material-_preheating-laser melting-post heat treatment.

Laser cladding machine is a new surface modification technology. The laser cladding machine is a method of adding fusible materials on the surface of the substrate and using a high-energy density laser beam to fuse it with the surface of the substrate to form a metallurgical bonding additive cladding layer on the surface of the substrate. .

The scope of application of laser cladding machine: it can cladding various metals, tungsten carbide, ceramic powder and other non-metallic materials; it can modify the surface of the substrate with acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance. It can quickly repair the defects of large, medium and small imported and domestic mechanical parts; it can repair the defects of various materials and hardness of the matrix;

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